Frizzy hair is often very fragile and requires a lot of care. For this purpose Bio Agadir serum is a product intended to treat & beautify your hair by simple application after washing them. Its composition of vegetable oils makes it a natural concentrate of pure active ingredients, it nourishes and fortifies the hair fiber. This serum guarantees the stimulation of hair growth and provides them with oxygen. The oils of Bio Agadir serum gives the hair a pleasant fragrance while decreasing hair breakage & increasing the growth of new hair. It is perfect as a hair styling oil, only a small drop is sufficient on wet hair so it redefines the curls & makes it shine while facilitating hair styling. It is used also as a hair shock treatment with hair massage or occasional bath oil to give a boost before shampooing.

How to use

You can use this serum every 2 days on the tips of your hair and every 4 days or every week on the whole hair.

sérum capillaire à l'huile d'argan

Argan oil capillary serum

sérum capillaire orientale

Oriental capillary serum