huile de massage vanille

vanilla massage oil

Huile de massage rose

Massage oil Rose

huile de massage lavande

Lavender massage oil

huile de massage cannelle

Cinnamon massage oil

huile de massage au Gingembre -min

Ginger massage oil

huile de massage à l'orange-min

Orange massage oil

huile de massage à la verveine-min

Vervain massage oil

huile de massage à la fleur d'oranger -min

Orange blossom massage oil

Scented massage oil

Who would not be tempted by a good scented massage? Surely nobody. After a long day at work or during a weekend, there is nothing like a relaxing and restful massage.

Its effects are quickly visible: heavy legs become as light as a feather, stress accumulated during the week evaporates very quickly.

For these moments of pure delight, Bio Agadir offers you these different massage oils scented with argan.

Massage oil scented with vanilla

Vanilla, it reminds the vacations, exoticism, relaxation, right? That’s why by trying this oil you still boost your energy after a massage session. You can use this oil at any time of day, apart from the benefits of argan oil, you also benefit from the power of vanilla scent. Not only your skin will thank you but your mind will also take good time thanks to this massage oil scented with vanilla.

Rose scented massage oil

If you like this beautiful flower so famous and absolute symbol of romance, choose the rose massage oil. Not only will this oil revitalize your skin after the massage, but it will also leave a sweet scented veil that will not leave anyone indifferent to your passage.

Lavender Massage Oil

Did you know that? Lavender has anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and antibacterial properties. By using this massage oil scented with lavender you will benefit from a relief to relieve muscular contractures, rheumatism and cramps. To use without moderation.

Cinnamon massage oil

This massage oil reminds you so well of those delicious pastries and cakes that warm your heart during the fall and winter. Cinnamon, so simple but so delicious.

Discover other scented massage oils such as ginger, orange, verbena, or orange blossom, exclusively at BioAgadir.