Moroccan producer and exporter of argan oil & prickly pear
Agadir Bio

Agadir bio is one of the reliable producers of organic argan oil in Morocco; we are based in the city of agadir or in the heart of argan forests in Morocco. Our geographical position allows us to find for you seeds from organic farming, to ensure high quality products.
Our values are summarized in presenting 100% organic products, for the well being of your health, and at the same time to make rural women benefit from the wealth of their region.
Today, organic agriculture is everywhere, but what agriculture are we talking about? Fair trade is everywhere, but what trade are we talking about?
At Bio Agadir, organic agriculture, fair trade & solidarity reflect our vision of the world.
The trade we are talking about binds us to the land, respects its rhythm, works naturally and at the level of the man, here as elsewhere.
The trade we are talking about is one that must never forget to be direct, sincere, balanced, sustainable and rigorous, here as elsewhere, loyal to the old saying: “to make good oils, you need good seeds”. Everything is made at Bio Agadir factory so that to ensure that the seeds and the fruits are of best quality. It is by traversing the forests of argan and always searching of good seeds, that Bio Agadir could build an original and varied range.
It is this love for seeds and plant materials that has helped to develop strong partnerships with rural women in our region.
Bio Agadir buys grain directly from women, guaranteeing a fair income for families in the region which is their main source of income, it allows them to earn a living and occupy a real place in the economic life and increase their independence.