Cosmetic Argan Oil

Argan oil 100% ORGANIC, cold-pressed certified organic argan Oil moroccan for hair, nails, face, body, hands and feet, delivered in bottles, Airless 50 ml, argan oil has a high content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E, it therefore has a preventive effect against aging of the skin and eliminates the damage caused by time and environment. Smooth it out, and removes the small spots on the skin, and restores the brilliance… View more

Prickly pear oil

Oil Prickly pear oil or cactus is produced with the Prickly pear or opuntia Ficus Indica, harvested in Morocco, is a precious fruit : it takes nearly a ton of figs for 1 liter of oil of this cacti. Obtained by cold pressing of the seeds without solvent, it is 100% organic. The richness of its components explains its success : it is full of vitamin E antioxidant and essential fatty acids that nourish deeply and tone our skin… View more

Natural-looking tan Oil

the argan oil associated with the apricot kernel oil and carrot oil is the ideal ally to help the skin to acquire a tan naturally quickly especially rich in beta carotene and vitamins, sun-tan oil is perfect to hydrate and nourish to give èclat to the skin. thanks to its vitamin A content, it activates the melano genesis of the skin and helps it to strengthen its resistance to ultra-violet rays… View more

huile branzante

Argan oil food

Our argan oil food is produced from kernels lightly roasted before being pressed. It is characterized by an oriental flavour refined between the hazelnut and the sesame, and by its golden color, amber. The color of the argan oil food and its aroma determine its quality. In fact a brown colour and a smell of grilled too strong are characteristics of an argan oil too heated, and thus of less good quality.

The argan oil food is known for its dietetic properties and nutritional value. Rich in vitamins e and a, and of type oleic-linoleic, this oil contains 80 % unsaturated essential fatty acids, just like olive oil. But she has a clear rule on it, which is its richness in linoleic acid (37 %)… View more

huile de massage vanille

vanilla massage oil

Huile de massage rose

Massage oil Rose

huile de massage lavande

Lavender massage oil

huile de massage cannelle

Cinnamon massage oil

huile de massage au Gingembre -min

Ginger massage oil

huile de massage à l'orange-min

Orange massage oil

huile de massage à la verveine-min

Vervain massage oil

huile de massage à la fleur d'oranger -min

Orange blossom massage oil