Why Choose Argan Shampoo Without Sulfates ?

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Sodium laureth sulfate, SLES, sulfates, Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate … these scientific names mean the same thing is the sulphate used in hair cosmetics to lather the formulas. Recently, many consumers are wondering about the toxicity of these assets and prefer to use a more moderate shampoo. What should we think?

What is Sulfates?

The sulphates used as foaming agent, which means they are used to disperse fatty substances in water. And so help get rid of the “dirt” that was on the body and hair through the work of a strong chemical. However, these agents that foam shampoo, are present in most cleaning products, liquids or dishwashing detergents.

How are sulphate harmful?

If brand shampoos have long opted for sulphates, it is certain that this foam is unbeatable. This gives, for many people, a guarantee of effectiveness, and give the impression of gently washing the hair. The truth is far from what business strategy and sulphates such as Sodium laureth sulfate (SLES), may actually be very irritating, desiccant and allergenic. Usually, shampoos containing Sodium laureth sulfate is also loaded with silicones, an explosive mixture that destroys the hair. The use of silicones gives a shiny sheath and hides the harmful sulphates that choke at the end and make the hair forked.

The right alternative

If their names look strangely alike, Sodium laureth sulfate and Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate two different components. Used in shower gels and bath milk, and some mild shampoo and sensitive skin products, sodium lauryl sulfoacetate are not totally biodegradable, and should not be confused with SLES which can be very troublesome. Warning! If you take a wise decision to choose a shampoo without sulphate (and without silicones at the same time), you may find that your hair is less beautiful than before. Flatter, more fat and less shiny … the first days, the quality of your hair can be visually impaired. Patience! Accustomed to undergo many changes, you need to take your hair and fingerprints Leave it tame through the gentle training of your new sulphate-free shampoo.