Black soap

Black soap

Black soap is an exfoliating product that helps to regenerate skin cells. It consists of olive oil, black olives and potash. You can apply black soap on your body and face for a natural scrub in your hammam.
Massage your skin clean and rinse with black soap. Relax in your hammam while the black soap works, then rinse. The next step is to rub with a scrubbing glove to remove the dead skin. Black soap rids the skin of impurities and promotes the elimination of toxins. It is not irritating to the skin. With a soap scrub with black soap, you find soft and soft skin. Moreover, the black soap prepares for other hammam treatments like a ghassoul mask to purify the skin in depth.
Black soap can also have other uses: cleaning the house, laundry, etc. However, the products are not the same. For your black soap scrub, get a non-liquid black soap, specially dedicated to body care.
The basis of the recipe remains the same, but it was improved by adding fragrances of essential oils then the scrub was integrated into the ritual of the traditional hammam.
The best daily care for all skin types
Black soap hammam
One of the properties of black soap is that it adapts to all skin types to thoroughly clean and purify dirt as well as dead skin. Try black soap to give your skin the beauty and radiance of your youth. By nourishing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin become soft and silky.
Exfoliation extreme and softness in the same product?
In the hammam, use is not just a scrub, it is a ritual and it is important to know how well to use the famous black soap for its extraordinary gentle exfoliation. First the passage to the sauna is essential to prepare the skin and to well moisten it. Then, the application of the black soap which is used to prepare the skin to the scrub is done in a purifying massage. After a rest period (about fifteen minutes), the soap is rinsed and the kessa glove scrub can begin.
In the Moroccan Hammam kit you get the organic black soap delivered with as a bonus a quality Kessa glove directly manufactured in Morocco as well as pure argan oil and rassoul for a complete treatment. It is easy to offer your skin a pore exfoliation when you know how to properly use the black soap with the glove. The soap confers a smooth base for perfect skin from head to toe. The skin is rejuvenated and becomes soft and silky after a single use and gives incredible results after several uses.
How to use black soap:
The black soap is used as a normal soap, but does very little foam. It is therefore necessary to apply the black soap by uniformly massaging the wet skin during a bath or a hot shower.
Let the product work for 5 minutes, then vigorously rub the skin with the Kessa glove. Do not worry if you see dark peels that appear: this is the dead skin that comes off your body.
Follow with our Rassoul mask and our argan oil to maximize moisturizing effects.
How to use black soap in combination with hair removal:
It is necessary to do the treatment before the depilation to have clean skin cleared of toxins and dead cells and without impurities.


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