Argan and mint foot cream

Argan and mint foot cream

Miracle cream for dry feet

This cream is for cracked feet and heels with argan oil and mint, ultra-cleansing formula, and fast absorption. Perfect for all skin types and mainly focused on softening dry and fragile areas of the feet. The argan intensely nourishes the feet while the mint allows an extraordinary refreshment. After scrubbing your feet, apply this cream with light massages, and voila. Insist on the driest areas to see the effects quickly.

Why are the feet easily dry?

The skin of the feet is prone to dehydration due to the absence of the fatty substances mentioned above. This lack of hydration can be in the form of dander, itching, or the appearance of roughness and cracks when these are more important. When summer arrives, our feet spend more time outdoors, without shoes or with sandals or other open shoes, so that the dryness of the environment and exposure to the sun favor dehydration even more. The sole, support, and cushioning of the shoes you wear are very important because they determine the pressure that your feet will withstand.

Uncovered shoes on the heel, so common in summer, can lead to dryness of the skin in this area due to the friction and pressure to which the heel is subjected. Increased pressure on an area hinders blood circulation and, as a result, the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the outermost layers, which leads to an increase in dead skin and flaky areas. Excess weight and the habit of walking barefoot increase the pressure areas of your feet, and dryness is favored. Chlorine, sand, stones, rubbing against the edges of the pool, and excessive heat, … are factors that favor the deterioration of your feet.



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