Argan and lemon hand cream

Argan and lemon hand cream

Argan hand cream is suitable for daily use on normal and dry skin.

Its main effect is to nourish, moisturize and protect.

It contains virgin argan oil to treat dryness and itching of the two outermost layers of the skin (dermis and epidermis).

It reduces water loss, promotes natural flaking, exfoliates and moisturizes, which stimulates collagen synthesis and in turn promotes the generation of elastin, resulting in firm skin.

Argan acts as a regenerating antioxidant, so it can restore the characteristics of soft, elastic, and smooth skin, without leaving a feeling of excess sebum. All these virtues are because it contains vitamin E, which is responsible for protecting cells and creating a protective barrier against the sun’s rays. Using this argan and lemon hand cream has an exclusive formula that protects and repairs hands subjected to detergents or other aggressive products. Indeed, the latter cause severe and permanent damage to the skin of the hands. You will love this cream because it has a fast absorption capacity, it leaves the hands soft, fresh, and delicately scented, without feeling greasy.

In addition, lemon helps to lighten the skin naturally without harming it.

How to apply this argan and lemon hand cream?

This argan oil hand cream is to be applied all day without moderation.

It will be the most effective especially after each wash.

It will leave a soft fragrant veil that will make you capsize with pleasure.

This natural hand cream is a must-have if you want soft and fragrant hands. You will easily be addicted to it.



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