Lavender shower gel From Argan Oil

Lavender shower gel From Argan Oil

This shower oil with organic argan oil is suitable for all skin types.

A shower oil enriched with argan oil that gently cleanses, protects and nourishes even the driest skin.

Did you know that pure argan oil is also known as liquid gold or desert gold? This is due to the many properties it has on the skin, hair and our body in general. Because it is not only a cosmetic product, it is also edible. But it is also known as such because the argan tree grows in desert climates and the oil extracted from its fruits is yellow in color.

In order to preserve all its properties, we have only put pure argan oil in this cleansing shower oil. So, in addition to being more effective, you can be sure that it is an all-natural product.

Cleansing shower oil or shower gel?

Shower oils are the new gels, it’s true. You will love the cleansing shower oil with organic argan. The 2-in-1 has arrived at one of the most intimate times of the day to make skin hydration easier. Oily formulas and soap-free emollients transform on contact with water and many of them turn into milk or foam, giving a very pleasant feeling in the shower and allowing the cleaning and the additional hydration of which, in your haste, you have deprived your skin.

Unlike other shower oils, this one loses its oily texture for a more liquid and fresh texture, a result of the argan oil it contains as an ingredient. Thus, in addition to its basic functions of moisturizing and protecting the skin, this cleansing shower oil has an invigorating effect, which awakens your whole body and leaves you feeling awake. If you are looking for more than just care for your skin, this product from Bio Agadir is for you.

How to use:

For the shower: Place a few drops in the palm of your hand & apply to a wet skin.

For the bath: For an equivalent of 2 to 3 plugs once the bath is full of water. Rinse gently & dry without rubbing.



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