Rich cream hyaluronic acid, prickly pear, argan

Day cream with hyaluronic acid, prickly pear and argan

Bio Agadir offers you this special day cream with hyaluronic acid, prickly pear and argan. Try it to benefit from several benefits on your face. See below the benefits of each of its ingredients, chosen especially to create an extraordinary concoction for your skin.

Benefits of argan oil in the form of a day cream

Argan oil, also called “gold of Morocco”, is one of the most expensive and valuable oils in the world. Argan oil is pressed from the almonds of the Argania spinosa tree in the only region in the world – the south-west of Morocco. This fact sets a limit on oil production and affects its price. Argan oil contains twice as many antioxidants as used olive oil.

Benefits of hyaluronic acid in a day cream

At the chemical level, the super molecule of hyaluronic acid performs essential functions in our body:

It facilitates mobility between cells

He participates in the healing process.

It protects and lubricates the joints as a component of the synovial fluid.

It is part of the eye fluid that lubricates the eyes.

Protects the collagen of the skin, giving it strength and elasticity.

H2 Benefits of Prickly pear It is an oil rich in minerals and vitamins, with extraordinary antioxidant properties that act against skin aging.

– Its regenerative properties help to firm and fight against skin aging.

–Its daily use tones the skin, makes it regain its elasticity, leaving it soft and silky.

– It is a powerful anti-wrinkle.

– It smoothes the eye contour and lip wrinkles, thanks to its extraordinary regenerative properties.

– It is suitable for all skin types and is very suitable for mature skin.

–It can be used daily to restore suppleness, elasticity and radiance to the skin.



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