Orange flower water 200ml

The fragrant flower of the orange tree, adapted to dry skin, this miraculous product soothes,smoothes and calms your skin. It also makes it easier to sleep. Used regularly in baking.

Rose water 100ml

Our floral water is obtained by steam distillation of water from fresh Rose petals. Our extraction process is unique allows us to obtain a water particularly concentrated in active and naturally Powerful. With a fresh aroma and delicate, our floral water helps combat dehydration and Regenerate the skin.


Morning, before you put your moisturizer, you can apply it on a cotton a few drops of rose water to clean your face. this will give you a complexion shining and you will luttter effectively Against wrinkles. Each evening, after you are démaquillé, pass on your face with a cotton soaked in Rose water, this will eliminate the dèrnieres impurities and prepare your skin to regeneration.

After shave Lotion

After the shave, the comfort… care after-shaves : in bio Agadir you will find a soothing treatment, moisturizer, Repairer, or purifying, for immediate results that will leave your skin soothed and ready to receive the complementary Care daily.