The facial skin is more thin and exposed daily to external aggressions. It weakens quickly and requires care tailored to every age and every skin type. it needs to be treated with attention and respect. our knowledge of essential oils, oils, plant and herbal extracts, and minerals bio agadir creates a range of care face-natural and organic. Our exclusive range of organic cosmetics and natural offers you a wide choice of face care bio innovative and sensory adapted to each skin type.

Day cream argan

The Day Cream in the Argan oil helps to nourish the skin and moisturize. rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin E. Nourishes, moisturizes, restructures and protects the skin against external aggressions.

créme hydratante d'argan

Day cream with a base of prickly pear

Recommended to treat and repair sensitive skin cream, Cream Oil of seeds of Barbarism is a True source of wealth cosmetics, deemed by these properties of anti-wrinkle ideal. This oil is rare and precious, full of vitamins, gives you a beautiful skin and perfect health.


Night cream argan and prickly pear

Made for all skin types, our night cream-based prickly pear is perfect for you, rich of vitamin, it brings you a lustrous appearance and a satin finish. After a regular use for a few weeks, fine lines and wrinkles fade and the face is luminous.

crème de nuit argan et figue

Anti age serum

True elixirs of youth, serums are, in the last few years, considered as our best allies. Light, fresh, this serum firms the skin and brings an immediate tensor effect. Genuine activator of youth, hyaluronic acid improves elasticity and firmness of the skin while providing it with protection and nutrition.


Balm lips argan & raspberry

Balm with argan oil and aroma of raspberry offers your lips protection, calming and gentle specially formulated for the lips gercèées, damaged, or desiccated, the composition of this treatment, rich in argan oil will help nourish and protect your lips from external aggressions.

Lip balm argan & honey

lip balm is designed to protect your lips in all season, with a base of shea butter and organic argan oil and beeswax, this balm enriches the skin very sensitive lips and protected against the aggressions of sun, wind and cold, it is also a wonderful gloss has lip.

Scrub Gourmet chocolate

This care radiance immediately relieve the body of accumulated toxins, oxygenates and refines the grain of the skin. Gentle and effective, it is an exfoliator which purifies and makes the skin soft. The gourmand scent of chocolate, his formula neutral, and very sensual, to the effect ” grain of sugar “, has an action of peeling and removing the skin a protective film to the anti-drying.

Sugar scrub and Orange

The sugar scrub and Orange gum effectively, without harming the skin, its texture innovative emulsifies on wet skin and leave it soft and fresh. Apply once a week on a Damp skin and rinse with clear water.

Scrub with seeds of prickly pear

The scrub to the seeds of prickly pear eliminates the dead skin cells, and stimulates the regeneration of new cell, scrub the oil from the seeds of prickly pear helps fight against skin aging. Is a refreshing and revitalizing powerful, Ideal for skin with acne. A sufficient amount of the scrub ; spread on the face and neck (thin layer), gently rub in circular motion with fingers, rinse with warm water .Use 2 times per week.

Sugar scrub and lemon

The sugar Scrub and lemon cleanses the impurities to restore radiance to the skin, removing dead cells, scars, and wrinkles. Apply it on your skin démaquillée and clean. Let sit for about fifteen minutes, and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Radiance mask Purifying Honey, Saffron And argan

This mask acts as a revealer express sparkle. in addition to removing dead cells and impurities(exit blackheads ups). it blurs the fine lines visible, smooth the skin texture and eraser in an instant the effect of “grey”. A true asset to make a new skin.


Cleansing milk with argan

This make-up Remover with argan oil based organic is perfect to clean and remove makeup from the face and the eyes, it effectively removes impurities and makeup. Its cleansing agents of plant soft respect the natural balance of the skin. Very enjoyable when using on a damp cotton pad for removing makeup gently.


Face Cleansing Gel

With Argan oil.
It is important to cleanse your face with organic and natural products: in the morning to wake up your skin and in the evening after removing make-up to remove all impurities.