The Hammam (or “hot water” in Arabic) is a steam bath wet drawing its origins from the roman baths. In its current form, the hammam was developed in the ottoman empire, the countries of the Maghreb jusqau’u Middle East (as in Syria), in favor of the expansion of islam. The hammam was indeed adapted to the precepts of the muslim religion, which recommends that a hygiene is meticulous and ablutions regularly especially before the ritual prayers.
In Morocco, the hammam is an important phenomenon in social and all classes of the society attend this public place involving a whole ritual to follow. Black soap, Kessa, Ghassoul or Clay and essential oils, moroccan hammam remains the most famous of all, for its benefits for the body.

The heat, steam and an exotic ambience to encourage relaxation and provide a delicious feeling of freedom. The steam room helps you relieve stress and promotes sleep. The heat helps relax the muscle tone. It activates the blood and lymphatic circulation. Practiced after a muscular training, the hammam allows for a quick recovery. The purpose of the hammam is not sweat but relax and cleanse the skin.
It cleanses the body by eliminating toxins and impurities. The pores are opened under the effect of heat. The skin undergoes a deep cleansing, breathes better. Acne and eczema can improve significantly with this practice. The steam softens your skin by removing dead cells. The skin regains its satin and bright.

Black soap chocolate

This soap scrub black chocolate will allow you to savor the many virtues of chocolate growing trend in the cosmetics industry. The black soap scrub will remove impurities on the surface of the skin and will act as a gentle exfoliant and delicate. The antioxidants contained in the chocolate help protect you from free radicals responsible for the aging of the skin.

Black soap with orange blossom

the black soap with orange blossom is a natural exfoliant gentle that removes impurities from the skin, it expels the toxins and purifies the surface of the epidermis. this black soap with soothing properties and soothing. once the scrub soap made you will be rid of dead cells you will find a skin soft and satiny smooth.

Black soap with lavender

The black soap lavender is a 100% natural product used for decades by the moroccans in the bath to facilitate the exfoliation and eliminate dead skin. The black soap, Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it softens and nourishes the skin in depth. The more its fragrance to the lavender will be the result of a body scrub scented. It is a natural product rich in vitamin E regenerative, which allows to eliminate all impurities and dead skin. It makes the skin as smooth and hydrated.

Black Soap

The black soap is scrub product that helps to regenerate skin cells. It consists of olive oil, black olives and potash. You can apply the black soap on your body and your face for a natural scrub in your bath / hammam.
Massage it into your clean skin and rinse off with black soap. Relax in your steam room while the black soap is, then rinse off. The black soap rids skin of impurities and promotes the elimination of toxins. With a black soap scrub, you will find a skin soft and supple.

Black soap aromatized with eucalyptus

One of the properties of the black soap with eucalyptus is that it adapts to all skin types to deep cleanse and purify from dirt and dead skin. Try to give your skin the beauty and radiance of your youth. Nourishing, exfoliating and hydrating the skin become soft and silky.

Glove kissa

the Kessa glove quality directly manufactured in Morocco for a full treatment. It is easy to offer your skin exfoliation of the pores when you know how to properly use the black soap with the glove. the Kessa glove provides a smooth base for a perfect skin from head to toe. The skin is rejuvenated and becoming soft and silky after a single use