Scrub Gourmet chocolate

This care radiance immediately relieve the body of accumulated toxins, oxygenates and refines the grain of the skin. Gentle and effective, it is an exfoliator which purifies and makes the skin soft. The gourmand scent of chocolate, his formula neutral, and very sensual, to the effect ” grain of sugar “, has an action of peeling and removing the skin a protective film to the anti-drying. A gentle exfoliation of the epidermis, which promotes cellular respiration. The skin is balanced, cleared and deep dead cells and impurities, The skin is refined, smoother and softer. The complexion is purified, cleared up. It cleans the skin in depth.

Sugar Scrub And Lemon

Natural scrub For face, Sugar and lemon, Gives Your Skin A Smooth and Immediate. This treatment With The wonderful smell Gently Eliminates Dead Cells And Impurities. so to give a glow to the skin, removing dead cells, scars, and wrinkles.It Tones, Moisturizes And Softens The epidermis. Action Cleansing To Detoxify The Skin. Thanks To The Richness And Quality Of Its Ingredients, This Scrub Ultra-Gentle Exfoliates, Nourishes And Stimulates The Micro-Circulation Of The epidermis To Better Preserve it From Drying out. It Leaves The Skin Soft, Silky And Deliciously Scented. Apply it on your skin démaquillée and clean. Let sit for about fifteen minutes, and rinse off with lukewarm water.

Sugar Scrub And Orange

Exfoliation is a beauty treatment that plays an important role for our skin since it helps eliminate dead cells and promote an even complexion and bright. our scrub gum effectively, without harming the skin, its texture innovative emulsifies on wet skin and leave it soft and fresh. Apply once a week on a Damp skin and rinse with clear water.

Scrub with prickly pear seeds oil

eliminates dead skin cells, and stimulates the regeneration of new cell, scrub the oil from the seeds of prickly pear helps fight against skin aging. Is a refreshing and revitalizing powerful, Ideal for skin with acne. A sufficient quantity of the scrub ; spread on the face and neck (thin layer), gently rub in circular motion with fingers, rinse with warm water .Use twice per week.