When it is dry or sensitive, the skin naturally needs hydration more important, because their skin barrier is fragile. As the water evaporates easily, the hydration should begin as early as the stage of the make-up removal by the addition of moisturizing agents (glycerin for example) that provide several hours of comfort to the skin. Remove makeup is the first gesture of beauty. And this is where the cleansing milk comes in ,The Cleansing Milk bio agadir with argan oil based is a Cleanser that gently removes impurities and make-up. Its cleansing agents of plant soft respect the natural balance of the skin. Very enjoyable when using on a damp cotton pad for removing makeup gently. In case of sensitive skin, it can be used as the only care of basic cleanser for the morning and the evening. It prepares the epidermis to the following steps. Its composition based on argan oil bio preserves the mantle hydrolipidic natural skin. Aspect of skin normal Skin, dry or sensitive. Suits all kinds of skin for removing make-up.

Apply in the morning and evening with a cotton pad, or directly on the skin, massaging it in gently with your fingers.