Green Clay Eucalyptus

Clay is a natural rock, 100% ecological.recognized for these virtues, softening and cleansing. Mix with essential oils, natural, for care of pleasure. the ghassoul is a Biological treatment for washing and cleaning the dead cells. it is effective for the skin.

Red Clay With Rosemary

The red rhassoul with rosemary 100% Natural from Morocco enriched with rhassoul & rosemary For the face, it cleanses the skin of dead cells and toxins, the skin becomes soft and silky to the touch.
rich in iron oxide, it gives brightness to the complexion and soothes skin inflammation. This is a great mask for the is naturally calming, healing , decongestant, re-mineralising and stimulating. Due to its extreme softness it’s suitable for all skin types, in particular in the case of acne, blocked pores, pimples infected.