Organic Argan Oil certified

The quality of an argan oil is characterized by 4 criteria: acidity, peroxide index, clarity, and the absence of phthalates.
The acidity rate: it represents the percentage of oleic acid present in 100 g of argan oil. The lower the acidity of the argan oil, the better the oil. One of the conditions
Argan oil Either extra virgin oil: cosmetic and food argan oil must have a rate less than 3% (3gr of oleic acid per 100gr of oil).
The peroxide index: it gives information about its conservation, its hold over time. For an extra virgin argan oil, this rate must be less than 15.
Clarity: Clarity is also a determining factor in the quality test of argan oil, it shows the level of filtration and at what point the impurities have been removed from the oil.
Phthalates: Phthalates are chemicals derived from phthalic acid. Phthalates are commonly used as plasticizers of plastics to make them flexible. Argan oil stored for a tongue duration in plastic tanks or jerrycans can contain a percentage of phthalates harmful to human health, even more argan oil food. It is for this reason that our argan oil is directly preserved in stainless steel tanks, far from the sunlight.
Our plastic packaging meets the standards required by the responsible Moroccan authorities and also by the health services of the EU.
The optimization of these criteria characterizes high quality extra-virgin argan oil and is the object of our commitments to our customers all over the world.
At each new production, we carry out the control analyzes by the responsible organization (EACCE).
Often, the analyzes of our extra virgin Argan oil are as follows:

Acidity ratio: 0.21%
Peroxide Rate: 3.3
Absence of phthalates.
The Argan Oil Morocco to fight against wrinkles!

Argan Oil Morocco is known for its strong antioxidant power, it visibly reduces wrinkles! Argan Oil Morocco contains many vitamins including vitamin E, it revitalizes your skin and makes it softer.
Cosmetic argan oil

Virtues of argan oil:
Argan oil from Morocco is ideal for revitalizing dry skin, it is a natural massage oil or body oil, argan oil is multifunction par excellence, it can be used for the face, the body , the hair.
Why use Argan oil?

Argan oil, a product of natural beauty, is certainly one of the best oils recognized for its cosmetic properties, anti oxidant, it is a true serum of beauty.
The cosmetic properties:
Argan oil is very rich in natural ingredients and active ingredients, Omega 6, Vitamin E, and A, they play an important role in cell renewal. Argan oil or argan oil reduces wrinkles and nourishes the dry skin, it penetrates quickly thus avoiding to have a fatty deposit, it is a dry oil. Argan oil promotes the healing of traces left by acne, chicken pox, pimples, irritations, skin aggressions, stretch marks, cracks and burns.

Used for hair care, argan oil has the advantage of strengthening and making shine dry, tarnished, and fragile hair. All this to the natural.
How to use argan oil on the hair?

To give strength and vitality to the fragile hair, apply the argan oil one hour before the shampoo on the whole hair, then wash and rinse .. Attention! Do not put too much on the scalp if you go Get in the shampoo bottle!
Advice for Fragile Hair:

To protect your hair from the dehydrating effects of sunlight, sea salt, or chlorine, use argan oil in styling oil by brushing your hair.
Why argan oil on the face and body?

The benefits of argan oil on the face: it hydrates, revitalizes and softens the skin, protects the dry skin from dehydration. Argan oil attenuates