Moroccan argan oil

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History and origin of 100% Moroccan product

Cosmetic argan oil has been used since the dawn of history by women in southern Morocco because of its benefits. Our region, called Souss is home to the only argan forests that exist in the world. 20 years before, this treasure comes directly from the local producer. Today, after the scientific discoveries of its properties, technology has replaced a large party of production standards. Our 100% organic, cosmetic and eco-certified argan oil always leaves the responsibility of pick-up, crushing and oil extraction to local women. Bio Agadir guarantees the right blend of technology and tradition without touching the place occupied by women, that without them, this treasure will have no value.


Cosmetic argan oil properties Morocco

Oils with a thousand benefits, 100% natural & pure, thanks to its richness in essential fatty acids and tocopherol (vitamin E), the cosmetic argan oil fights natural skin aging, restores the skin’s radiance by improving the hydration of the upper layers of epidermis.
Argan oil is a high anti-wrinkle moisturizer, rich in fatty acid and vitamin E, it doesn’t leave oily skin but hydrated and protected.
• Enlightens the skin and improves its radiance.
• Reduces the signs of aging
• Regenerates and protects the hydration barrier of the skin.
• Relieves & soothes the itching, (acne, exzema, psoriasis)
• Protects against the cracking caused by very dry skin
• Natural and effective to prevent stretch marks for pregnant women
• Nourishes, strengthens and gives shine to the hair
• Repairs and strengthens the nails.

Applied at the end of the shower, it moisturizes your skin deeply and covers it with a protective film that shields against external aggressions. In addition, its long-lasting emollients do not evaporate, unlike those of a water-based moisturizer.

Argan processes Morocco

The production of argan oil is a long process. After pulping the fruit, each kernel must be crushed to remove the amadon located inside. Then with a mechanical press, we extract the oil and let it rest (the decantation) is made with high quality filter, we filter the oil to obtain a product with high quality.

Today, in most places, traditional manufacturing has been replaced by modern manufacturing where machines are used to do the tasks, except for crushing the nut. This new method eases the work for women and increases the length of preservation of the oil and its purity.

The industrial unit is one of the most modern in the field, the best that exists on the German market. The rules of quality and hygiene are strictly observed at each stage of production. The standards required by the EACCE (independent establishment of control and coordination of exports) and that of ECOCERT, only brought back for a total control of the major principles of the cosmetic industry.

Recipes & tips for cosmetic use of argan oil

Nicknamed the green gold of Morocco. A true secret recipe of legendary Moroccan beauty, argan oil, is an exceptional natural wealth of Morocco. Extremely effective and 100% natural. It is rapidly absorbed by the epidermis in 2 to 5 minutes. No need to put a lot, only a drop is enough for the face.

Moroccan argan for the face

It is used as pure intensive care on the face and neck for its regenerative and anti-wrinkle properties.

A daily application is recommended. It is also an incredible makeup remover.

Moroccan argan for hair

To make your hair shine without looking greasy, apply a drop on your hands and rub them together, put the excess in your hair, especially on the tips. Once a week, add a few drops in the shampoo in order to protect your hair from dehydrating effects such as sea baths or chlorine pools. You can also add a few drops of argan oil to your dye for a bright and moisturizing result.

Nourishing & reparing Moroccan argan mask

Apply a good amount of argan oil to your hair from root to tip, comb through to distribute the oil well, wrap your hair in a preferably warm towel and leave it for 20 minutes or better all night long. Rince your hair thoroughly. Avoid chemical and corrosive shampoos and use instead ghassoul, it has a superior cleansing effect more than shampoo.

Moroccan argan for nails

For the treatment of brittle and split nails to strengthen and protect the nails. Moroccan women dip their nails in a mixture of equal quantity of lemon juice & argan oil for 15 minutes. Once a week or once every month.

Moroccan argan for body

Apply all over the body once you finish bathing or pour a few drops of argan oil in your hot bath. It is really Miraculous! A soft and well hydrated skin is guaranteed.

Moroccan argan, indication & formula

For a dry skin, 100% organic argan oil is a radical solution. Due to its natural & high quality, argan oil gets rid of your wrinkles and fatigue marks in a totally natural way. In 15 days, you will notice the first visible results! You will get a fresh and rested skin. Your wrinkles will fade, your face will be radiant and your skin will be supple, smooth & toned.

Moroccan argan for conservation

It is best to keep argan oil out of the light and at an ambient temperature of 12 to 25c. To use preferably before the expiy date (2 years).


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