Our argan oil food is produced from slightly roasted fines before being squeezed. It is characterized by a refined oriental flavor between hazelnut and sesame, and by its golden amber color.

The color of the food argan oil and its odor determine its quality. Indeed a brown color and an odor of toast too strong are characteristic of an oil of argan too heated, therefore of less good quality.

Argan oil food is known for its dietary and nutritional properties. Rich in vitamins e and a, and of oleic-linoleic type, this oil contains 80% of unsaturated essential fatty acids, as well as olive oil. But it has a clear primacy over it, which is to its richness of Linoleic acid (37%).

This acid is said to be essential because it can not be synthesized by the body and must be brought by the diet. Its content of oleic acid makes this oil very interesting in the regulation of cholesterol and risks of hypertension. It contains anti-carcinogenic elements, helps to fight against obesity and it would have a beneficial effect on the liver. In the Berber people it is eaten naturally on bread or in seasonings.

It is excellent for health and is eaten raw as a make-up oil in many recipes, to flavor salads, vegetable or cereal dishes, to raise eggs, couscous and tagines, and also in Desserts such as Amlou (spread with grilled almonds, honey and argan oil).

** our organic argan oil is guaranteed top quality. All lots are identified, traced and correspond to the provisions of Regulations n.834 / 07 and N.889 / 08.

The argan oil nourishes the bios of Agadir will bring a pleasant oriental and exotic touch to all your seasonings.