The glycerine soap based on argan oil, the bios of Agadir, includes the fabulous virtues of argan oil, and the hydrating effect of glycerin and active plants. Argan oil, world renowned for its exceptional hydration and anti-aging qualities combined with those of Glycerin very restorative, will nourish and repair your epidermis in depth to restore its softness, radiance and youth . For a daily face and body wash to complement by applying care of the bioagadir range. Available in 5 different flavors and fragrances, honey, verbena, green tea, pink and jasmine, 100% natural effective also helps to fight unsightly spots due to aging, sun, insect bites, pregnancy and abuse. Very quickly, you will find that your skin appears perfectly purified, nourished and unified. Precautions: External use only. In case of contact with eyes rinse thoroughly with cold water. Approved and recommended by a dermatological laboratory.

Savon d’argan