A magic and unique formula concentrating all the anti-aging power of 7 anti wrinkle oils, anti-aging, plant extracts to revitalize millions of cells. This Royal Serum of Beauty Nature smoothes fine lines and moisturizes dry and damaged skin. Formulated without essential oil, it is suitable for sensitive skin and pregnant women. With each application of this anti-aging serum, the vital functions of the skin, essential to its youth and beauty, are stimulated and the effectiveness of the creams applied subsequently is enhanced. From the first week, the skin is more radiant, firmer, and looks younger. * Hydration, nutrition, oxygenation, regeneration, protection. Directions for use: Apply a few drops in your hand and then perform light circular massages with your fingertips on your face and around the eyes, You can also add it to your daily care or apply it directly on your scars and Marks by performing a circular massage.